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In terms of "comfort" most people generally know their shoe size - that's easy! But when it comes to retirement assets, it's not easy to know what "super" size is the right one, to ensure a comfortable retirement lifestyle.

The good news is that life expectancy is growing in Australia for both men and women, however the bad news is that without adequate superannuation, retirement income lifestyle will probably be less than a happy one!

We have the view that it's not just those close to retirement, who need to think about their super. More and more it seems that saving for retirement should be a lifelong objective.

At MGI Sydney we have a devoted Specialist Superannuation Division, with a wealth of experience in the Superannuation arena. Our Super Services team can assist you in implementing your own super pathway to retirement.

Specialising in Self Managed Superannuation Funds, we can provide a variety of services including:

  • Self Managed Superannuation Fund Establishment
  • Assistance with Rollovers to your SMSF
  • Meeting Compliance (Accounting, Taxation & Audit) Obligations
  • SMSF Consultancy & Strategic Advice
  • Transition to Retirement Strategies
  • Retirement & Estate Planning
  • Pension Income Streams
  • Comprehensive Super Related Administrative Function

All you need to do is concentrate on the main purpose of your Self Managed Superannuation Fund, and that is creating wealth, and let us worry about the detail!

Does the sound of controlling your own retirement, sound interesting? Like to get a handle on Do-It-Yourself-Super?

With a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF), your personal Superannuation Fund will always be "YOUR" fund, and the decisions will always be "YOURS" to make.

Talk to us today to get up to the minute advice on the right investment strategy for you.

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